Allowing Life to be Effortless

Allowing life to be effortless.

Lately, I have been interested in the question, “What if I allowed this to be effortless?”  As Americans, we seem to hold the belief that we must struggle and work hard to get things done. We seem to believe that if something isn’t difficult then it isn’t good enough, and the outcome won’t be as sweet if something is easy, because we don’t deserve it. This belief is actually causing a sense of giving up and not even trying; because, after all, who wants to deal with the pressure of doing something difficult? Pressure equals stress and with stress comes health issues and struggle. What if we just let go of all of that? What if we just allow things to happen? What if we trust that the lessons we are learning in life, in school and at work are just sinking into our subconscious; and all the information that we could ever need is already inside of us waiting to be accessed?

I think of a feather and how if you try to grab a falling feather the air just pushes it further away, but if you just hold your hand out to catch the feather, it can land easily and it’s yours. No effort. I know in the mornings when I try to rush my daughter to get ready or push her to hurry, those are the days that take us longer to get out of the house. It’s like when we push something; it usually pushes back as if to say, “No!”  Letting go and just allowing releases the stress and allows for more effectiveness. Imagine being in school and pushing so hard to learn the information and staying up late so that you can take in as much as you can. The problem with this is that when you are tense and stressed, you have created a great challenge for yourself to actually absorb the information. Absorption comes from being open like a sponge, and being in a state of relaxation allows you to be more like that sponge. As a result, you are going to retain so much more if you are relaxed and enjoying the process.

The moral of the story (or this blog, rather) is to have fun with what you do, let it be easy. What would you like in your life to be easy? Maybe all you need to let it be easy is a simple change in perspective. Try trusting that your subconscious has all of the information that you need. Trust that everything you have ever read or heard is in there and it’s only going to be accessible if you let it and you must be open and relaxed enough to listen and allow it to flow. Let things be easy and I assure you they will be.



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