Past-Life Regression

Many people have questions about family, soul mates, career choices, blockages, etc.
Past life regression can help you gain clarity and move you forward on your path. Plus it’s just an interesting experience!

Whether you believe in past lives or not, this experience can be very transforming, enlightening and healing. You do not have to believe in past-lives for the experience to work or to experience the benefits of regression.

There are many different thoughts on what is actually happening during a past-life regression. Many people believe that it truly is a past-life you have experienced. Others believe it is your mind making up a story that is important to you to release current issues you are having, such as having a dream. Others believe that it is a way of tapping into our collective unconscious and experiencing a life that has taken place or is currently taking place and the mind knows which life to allow you to experience to get guidance for your current situation. Whatever your belief may be, there is no denying the benefits of past-life regression

Many people have found that they have had a chronic pain for no apparent reason and through past-life regression they have discovered it was something that had taken place in a past-life and they continued to hold onto it. By realizing this and releasing it, the pain just fades. Emotional states can also be remnants of past-life experiences that can easily be released and transformed by understanding their root. You can also answer questions that you are currently having, by asking your subconscious mind to give you some guidance. Your subconscious mind will go back to the most appropriate life to give you guidance and help answer and the questions that you ask.

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