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Family Constellations

Family Constellations is currently my favorite healing modality.
Family Constellations is a culmination of all the things I have loved over the years in all of my studies — all of the most powerful things rolled into one. It contains elements of hypnosis, channeling, ancestral healing, energy work, group work, art, sand tray, depth psychology, process work and attachment healing.

I have never found anything else to bring such clarity and truth so quickly. It is a powerful way to get clear and manifest your heart desires.

Family Constellations

I offer family constellations in my regular therapy practice, but I am also offering Family Constellations as a stand alone. Some people, like myself, are interested in taking a deep dive into this work and I am totally in support of that. You also may just want one session to work through a particular issue, and that is also awesome. I recommend a constellation on any level, it is powerful work.

I have always been on the lookout for therapies that are the most “direct and effective” and this is one of my favorites. I have been amazed at the huge changes I have experienced in my life working with this modality. My big example is that I have struggled with “home” and have moved around a lot and never felt very settled anywhere I have lived. I think it was a week after my constellation on home that my partner bought my dream house in the town I had been wanting to live in for 7 years, it was pretty miraculous. I finally feel settled and grounded into a place that actually feels like home.

What is Family Constellations?

In family constellations we tap into “the knowing field” that deep part of ourselves that is connected to universal wisdom and truth. Constellations are about finding the truth and being clear about the truth, speaking it out loud and letting it be known. The truth is what sets you free. We are frequently in denial and running from the truth, trying to avoid it. This causes suffering. When we look at and acknowledge the truth we can accept what is and be free, free to create new experiences and ways of being.

We use crystals or figurines to represent what is happening internally and set them out in front of us on a table. When we use the representatives we can more easily see what energies, beliefs and patterns exist within us. When we see them represented in front of us and with the support of feelings and inner guidance, we can see where they came from, why they are there, how they help or hinder us, etc. Constellations are also about creating movements in “the field”. This is energy moving around and within us, when this energy moves we move, and when it moves we have access to new pathways and experiences. This is also a way of healing ancestral trauma and breaking family patterns. It’s challenging to see these patterns or understand how they are effecting us, but in this way we can look at them and learn. This is a powerful modality because we work directly with the ancestors and our spirit guides to change these patterns on a spiritual level as well as mental and emotional.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations in Groups

I also offer group constellations and this is an amazing way to heal, learn and grow in a group setting. In these experiences a group member is chosen at random and we focus on their constellation. Other group participants stand in as representatives for the chosen members constellation. During these experiences we as representatives in a way “channel” “the knowing field” and are given information about who or what we are representing. It’s pretty amazing to have information come to you about an event or person you have never met. These experiences are deeply healing for everyone involved. Even if you are not chosen to have your constellation represented, we as people share a lot of similar experiences and healing takes place for everyone and the whole collectives consciousness.