Mesmerized Gallery and Healing Space

Open By Appointment Only

Text 503-523-9569 for appointments

Mesmerized Gallery is a space for healing and creativity focused around tea and art. Tea invites us to settle in to a place of quiet and peace where we can listen more deeply to ourself and the field or collective unconscious. Tea is a teacher and part of the teaching is being slow and quiet enough to listen. When we listen so much wisdom and information is available. There are a variety of high quality teas that are all an experience to sit with. Schedule a time for a tea ceremony.

Tea Leaf Readings are a part of the offering and a way of looking into the field to access information about what it happening in your life and to have a better understanding of how to move forward. During this time you are invited to ask a question and then we will see what the tea leaves have to say. This is a surprising, delightful, insightful and healing experience.

Mesmerized Gallery is also a resource for healing items such as tea, manifestation journals, crystals and a variety of other items that support, health and healing.

Individual Tea Ceremony: 1/2 an hour for $35

Groups of 2-4: 1 hour for $80

Healing Services offered in the space include: Hypnosis, Family Constellations, Counseling, Craniosacral, Tea Leaf Readings and Tea Ceremonies.