Mesmerized Gallery and Healing Space


Thursday: Communi-Tea 6pm-8pm                                  

           &                                                                             Tea Leaf Readings: $25

By Appointment

Mesmerized Gallery is an abstract art gallery located in White Salmon, Washington. It features the art of Jillian Brown and other abstract artists in the PNW. Color, intuition, expression, and creativity are the spark and drive of this gallery. It exists in hope to inspire and enliven.

It is also a healing space that offers items for healing, such as tarot cards, manifestation journals, crystals and a variety of items that support health and healing. Healing services offered in the space include: Hypnosis, Family Constellations, Counseling, Craniosacral, Tea Leaf Readings and Tea Ceremonies.

Stop By for Tea during open hours and get guidance to any of your inquiry’s with a tea leaf reading.