tea ceremony

Tea Ceremonies

I think I say this about all of my offerings, but I believe tea ceremony has actually been the most healing and transformative thing I have done for myself. I got into it sorta by accident. I wanted a morning routine and I didn’t drink coffee. I knew people who were interested in the traditional Chinese gong fu tea ceremonies. I loved the little tea pots,little cups and the ritual of it so I got my wares and started my morning routine. My mind was quickly blown. I remember telling people I had found the key to enlightenment! Everything changed for me pretty quickly. I had struggled with depression for a long time and though I had done a lot of healing work and felt a lot better overall, I believe it was tea that helped teach my body/energy body how to transform and leave the dark heavy energy of depression behind. There have been a few days over the last few years that I have felt depressed and I have certainly moved through big emotions, but tea has become my companion and guide. Whatever I am working through I have my tea ceremony to be a friend who can walk me through it. It is hear to teach and heal. I feel blessed by tea and want to share it with you.

Jillian Brown

What it looks like:

We create a ritual where we set intentions, meditate with the tea, journal, draw a Tarot card, use crystals or whatever the tea guides us to do. I have a space on Jewett St. in White Salmon, WA, or depending on the weather, we can share tea outside.

This is for groups or individuals, you can schedule your session or find one of my community offerings.