Dream. Awaken. Live.

The premise of hypnosis is that within every person there exists a profound possibility, an untapped source of potential to create meaningful and lasting change in a person's life.

What Can Hypnosis Do?

If you’re feeling disconnected, shut down, detached, or overwhelmed, even a single hypnosis session can begin to bring you peace. I believe that we all have an inherent wisdom for healing, inspiration, creativity, and joy. See why hypnosis is a powerful tool that lets you access your own guidance.

Jillian Brown Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon


  • Jillian helped me out during a highly stressful period of my life. She has a calming presence and a great way with words, which make the experience enjoyable and highly effective. In the future I won’t hesitate to contact Jillian to help me with confidence, and stress relief through hypnosis.
  • Jillian Brown does with her voice to your mind, as what a massage therapist does with their hands. I was a skeptic of hypnosis at first, but after a session with Jillian, I can attest it is extremely effective, unbelievably relaxing, and REALLY DOES WORK!
  • Jillian Brown has a warm and welcoming presence that instantly allowed me to trust in her, and open up. She was able to get to the core of my issues and truly reverse a lot of destructive mental patterns. I am beyond grateful for the positive changes her hypnotherapy has truly made in my life.

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