You are Wise

You are wise:

Imagination is such a beautiful thing; it holds endless power and potential. No boundaries, no rules – just a knack for creativity and endless possibilities. It’s like an adventurous friend that grabs our hand and leads us to new and exciting worlds, shows us new ways to do things, and suggests creative ways of understanding our world. It helps us make connections and see the deeper patterns just under the surface of our apparent universe.

Our imagination stems from our subconscious mind, and if we stop to listen, it shows us that everything is a metaphor for those deeper patterns. Those patterns are the way our subconscious communicates with us, helping us notice similarities that teach us something new. The way a human being comes to understand things is essentially by comparing it to something they’ve experienced before. “This reminds me of this,” and, “that’s a lot like that.” It’s an important mechanism with biological purpose. It’s helped us survive, adapt, and grow by identifying and categorizing things. “Can I eat this? Is that dangerous? That looks unfamiliar, so I should be cautious.”

These patterns are also the way our subconscious mind catches our attention. You might suddenly notice something that feels familiar, something you just have to stop and pay attention to. This sort of “gut reaction” happens regularly and is often just disregarded. Others call these instinctual reactions signs or omens, important messages leading us and guiding us along.

These moments might be just coincidences, but if we look closer, we’ll see those same underlying patterns at work. It can be helpful to just notice these signs, or omens and let yourself be guided along. These little lessons that catch our attention come from that deeper part of us; our subconscious mind is reaching out and saying, “Hey! Pay attention, this is important.”

If your imagination is your friend, just play with it. With no rules and all those endless possibilities, it might be the most fun and interesting friend we can have. What amazes me is that we only are consciously aware of about 10% of what happens in our minds. That’s a whopping 90% that we are unaware of! There’s a lot of room to play in that 90%, and our imagination is one of the best tools to get started. Just like a friend, if we take time to listen to and understand our subconscious, it will communicate with us more and more.  If we ignore it, why would that part even bother to try?

There is a lot of wisdom hidden inside of us and by being curious, playing along, and asking questions of ourselves we can begin to access this knowledge. If you don’t ask or listen it may not surface, but with continued inquiry more and more is revealed. Personally, I’m curious about everything – especially why I act the way I do and what deeper patterns within me are causing those actions. So, I ask and play. So far I have been amazed and even shocked by what has been revealed.

The best part is that this same underlying knowledge is in all of us! You are infinitely wise and I encourage you to connect with that part of yourself.  It can be as simple as noticing patterns and asking questions about them.

As an exercise, I invite you to ask yourself one question a day for the next week. First get into a relaxed state, maybe take a few deep breaths, then ask a simple question. Maybe it’s something you have been wondering about or maybe something as simple as  why do I love eating apples, or why do I always forget to take the trash out on trash day? Maybe go a little deeper and ask why does a certain person in the office irritate me so much? Then, take a moment of silence and just see what pops into your mind. Just relax and see what pops up. Don’t try to force an answer, rather see the answer that’s already there.

That’s the beauty of the subconscious – we don’t have to look for it, we just have to get quiet enough to hear it and be willing to listen. I have been surprised to find that I actually know the answers to a lot of my questions, all I needed to do was take the time to ask.