The Season of New Beginnings

As the sunshine and spring time approach, there is the energy of newness in the air~ vibrancy and vitality. I feel the stirring of desire for a clean slate, a fresh start, a new way… and just as the buds have to push through the resistance to break free into beautiful blossoms, we too need that extra push to break through those old habits that are holding us back from fully blossoming into our full expressions of beauty, life and exuberance. The winter is a time for comfort, a time of reflection, a time where we get to see our shadows and where the challenges of old beliefs and habits live. The spring and sunshine give us that little push we need to begin to say “ok I am ready for something new”. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the challenges or old ways of being and beliefs that have shown themselves over the last several months. Let’s take a moment of gratitude for the wisdom and the lessons that are brought to our awareness, and now let’s take a moment to reflect on how we would like to move forward from this place, letting go of all judgments, as judgments just keep us in a place of fear and constriction and just notice “this is where I am” “this is my starting place” and how do you take the first step forward from this place? What is the easiest step forward? Keep the bud in mind as a guide, knowing that all good things come with time and patience. How do you allow this first step to happen as naturally as a blossom beginning to bloom? Allow ease, grace, and gentleness as you allow yourself to open to new ways of being. Take a moment to close your eyes and feel yourself slowing opening to the light, allowing the love and warmth of the sun and life to flow into you, taking deep breaths, knowing you are here in this world and it is your time to bloom, to shine, to really live this beautiful expression of life that you are.

Love, Jillian


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