Make a Wish

The power of intention.
How is it that we get what we desire?
Intention is a powerful thing and I would say one of the most powerful ways to attract what it is we desire, but before we start making our intentions, let’s take a look at what we are actually wanting.
Often people are looking for things or people to get their desires fulfilled, but what we are really wanting is a particular feeling. The car, the house, the partnership will give us a particular feeling and that feeling is really what we are looking for. Why do we want more money? Why do we want a partnership or a successful career? It’s all about the feelings that come along with having these things.
When we set our intentions for what it is we desire, if we can get to a place where we can feel what it is we want to bring forward we are so much more likely to get our desires met. When we can experience the feelings that we want to be experiencing on a daily basis, our bodies begin to learn and adapt to this particular way of being. The feeling becomes more familiar and the programs in the brain start to respond to this feeling more easily. This is where the ideas of the law of attraction come in.
When we experience one thing, we are bound to experience it more.
Joy leads to more joy.
Fear leads to more fear.
What do you want to be feeling?
Practice feeling that feeling every day, so that your body can get accustomed to feeling that way on a regular basis. The body needs time to adjust, to learn new ways of being. It’s a wonderfully sustainable process.
There are two important aspects in setting intentions. Number one is to make sure that they are realistic and believable for you. You can’t expect to make 3 million dollars tomorrow and feel joyful forever. If you can’t believe it, you can’t feel it and it’s probably not going to happen. With this in mind it’s a good idea to start with steps.
What is the first step you can take in getting what you desire?
Number two is making sure your intentions measurable. Something you can look back on and say “oh hey! I did that!” “I can make things happen!” I encourage you to keep a journal and be aware of the subtle changes along the way.
I invite you to make an intention or a mantra that you can use every day. Take it one step at a time.
What is the big picture?
What do you really want?
Take a moment to close your eyes and take 10 deep breathes. Let your mind clear and find your center. Ask yourself what it is that you desire. If it’s a thing, great, but also notice how this thing makes you feel. Hold on to that particular feeling. Let’s use this feeling in the mantra we are creating.
I have also created a video that has a guided meditation entitled “make a wish” that I invite you to use to help you feel your desire and call it in.
Here are some simple guidelines for the intention/statement:
Let it be
~Simply Stated
~and be sure you can feel it!

Here are some examples:
I allow peace, love, joy and clarity in my life. I breathe deeply throughout the day and become aware of the little joys.
I am free! I am free to create, to play, to be me. I create the life I desire one moment at a time.
My breath reminds me of my life. My life is an invitation to explore and to find love in everything.
Love is within and around me, I am blessed.
I am successful in all that I do; each step is a step forward.

Each of these examples is a movement towards something. There is no end and this is true of our desires. We will always desire more and that’s beautiful because here in this life we are endlessly creative and that is part of the joy. Embrace it and enjoy creating a life full of your dreams coming true.
In Love, Jillian