Am I Making The Right Decision?

“Am I making the right decision?”

There is always the fear of “what if I make the wrong decision”? That fear can be deep, profound and debilitating.

How many times have you been stopped or stuck around a big decision or even a small decision?  Your mind running in circles, getting deeper and deeper into a state of confusion and doubt? We usually over-think things when figuring out what the best decision will be. Weighing pros and cons imagining the future and all of the possibilities. If only we could know! If only we could see into the future to know what decision brings more pleasure, comfort or stability!

I am curious about what it would be like if we knew that no matter what decision we make, it’s the right decision.

Something that I always come back to in my hypnosis sessions is the letting go of judgments. Letting go of the idea of right or wrong or good and bad and just letting life be as it is and finding the joy, peace and love that is present in every moment.

From this place of ease we can easily tap into our inner knowing. It’s the tension and fear that keep us from that place of wisdom.

Imagine if you knew, deep within your being, that every decision that you make is the right decision. You can’t choose wrong, it’s just not an option. “Bad” does not exist.

Experience exists.

Life exists.

And whatever happens, whatever you choose, will bring an experience. It will bring something to look at, to notice, to appreciate and possibly even something to enjoy or learn from.

Once you develop a deep sense of knowing within yourself the stress around decision making will fade. You are human, this knowing can be easy to forget. But once you’ve had the experience, it will be just as easy to remember and go back to that place of acceptance.

Let’s practice:

Ask yourself “what I am really wanting?”

Allow there to be a feeling of trust present, knowing that whatever you decide there will be an outcome that leads to an experience that will present you with wisdom, strength and growth.

Remind yourself that all experience holds value.

This allows for ease and relaxation. When you are coming from a place of ease and relaxation your decision is coming from a place of trust and wisdom rather that from a place of fear and tension.

Once the decision is made, let it go.

Know that it is the right choice, there is no wrong.

Sit back and see what happens. Remain curious and interested.

I recommend approaching life as a scientist, making choices, trying things out and then making notes and observations about what happens.

Notice what there is to appreciate, to enjoy or to learn from. Each outcome will hold some wisdom, information, or lesson.

Take it with gratitude and it’s going to be full of joy!

Take a moment to listen to my video blog, which holds a guided meditation to help find ease and trust in decision making.

Be Well, Jillian